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Need some advice on a potential repairs, we will do an investigation on your system and give you the options to move forward.

Generally the investigation will be free, but there are a few situations where the investigation will incur a charge.

Most of the time there is just a single issue repair, but at rare times there can be hidden issues that we only find after an initial repair. We will always try to be up front about when this may potentially happen, but we will always keep you informed an in the loop about the repair.

We want your business, but we will always talk to you about other options as occasionally it’s better for you to not do a repair. On this front, we would rather have a good recommendations about our service than preform a service that’s perhaps not in your financial interest. 

That’s just our ethics, but we will always talk to you and give you the options.


Have a part?

Yes we can install it for you with only a labour cost.

Or we can find the correct equipment to fit your machine and arrange for you to bring the machine in when you get the part. Note prices on parts can fluctuate day to day. Ergo we may need to adjust a quote (up or down) if it’s been a few days. Normally we’re good and the price remains the same, but fluctuations do occur and we will get in contact if there is an upwards difference, if there is a reduction, we will simply go ahead and the bill will be lower reflecting the cost reduction. 

We can do software migration for you as well, most of the time this will be reflected in the upgrade cost.